Archive for Endiah A Modern Zombie Survivial Roleplaying Community.

For admin and Moderator announcements only.
Where quests and competitions will be held. And win awards too!
Say hello to the community, and enjoy your stay.
Come here and create a topic for an administrator or moderator to update your profile, such as a rank or access details.
Create a character here to compete in the forum Roleplaying.
All battling posts are to be made here.
Request 2 Player Private Battle
Request a 2 player private battle. You will be given access to the subforum and battle.
Promotion Chambers
Official promotions of members from either side.
Boot Camp
All new combat users will be tested and trained here. Make a post in the Boot Camp registration thread for your race.
Other RPing
Any other roleplaying that is not listed above, such as travelling, personal or what ever. They can also be non-endiah but must have '[Non-endiah]' in the title of the thread.
General Discussion
Anything and everything.
Website Promotion
Show off your forum, website or anything else like that. You MUST have 10 posts to promote your site, otherwise a temporary ban is in order.
Pictures, Movies and Videos
All media to be posted here. No illegal or bad stuff to be posted or permanent ban is involved.
Any new suggestions for the community, forums or game.
Get Help
Get help for the forums.
Human Zone
Humans only!
Zombies Fort
Zombies only!
The Bin
Where 'dead' topics are sent.
RP Archive
Any old RPs will be moved here instead of the bin.
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